Understanding God

Existence of God
There are many beliefs about God. As a result, everyone understands God in his or her own way. Some people think there is no such entity as God, their main argument being that there is no proof of His existence. Because God cannot be seen with the physical eyes doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. Like wind, which cannot be seen but can be felt, God’s presence can be experienced through spiritual knowledge and meditation.

Representations of incorporeal God 

  Being incorporeal, God is represented by an oval-shaped stone or light in many religions. In Hinduism, God is worshipped as an oval-shaped stone called Shivlingam or Jyotirlingam, meaning a symbol of Shiv or symbol of light. Muslims revere an oval-shaped black stone called Sang-e-Aswad (holy stone), which is placed in the Kaaba in the Grand Mosque in Mecca. Jesus Christ (Christianity) has said and described God as 'light '. Mahatma Buddha started deep meditation and found a spiritual existence of God, beyond cycle of birth and death. Hence he describes the Self as such free beings detached and as a part of God. All religions point to the supreme soul in one or other way. The common is clear that 'God is a being of Light' and so is worshipped as non-physical power. 


Name of God

  Everything that exists in nature has a name and a form. We get a name when we take a birth. In our each birth, our name is different. But what about the name of one who never takes a birth, is unborn. His name must be eternal. So as God has revealed Himself with His eternal name 'Shiv' or 'Shiva' (when pronounced in English). The meaning of Shiv is 'One who is Ever Benevolent'. Benevolent means the one who does good to all in all times.

Residence of God (Where God eternally live)

Soul World (Home of eternal Peace and Light) 

Till now, you have understood the reality of God the incorporeal supreme soul). Now let us turn to what we all souls call - 'Our sweet home'. This is also the home of our spiritual father (god). There is complete and eternal sweet silence. Why sweet? Because here we are merged in the ocean of love. There is no body-consciousness (as there is no body). We and God live there as divine points of light as an inverted tree-like structure (as shown in the picture), where God is the seed of the human tree, roots are souls who have a direct connection with the seed (Brahman souls) and branches represents the religions established in the world. Rest leaves are souls of those religions. As clearly shown, God the seed is the source of power for all the branches and leaves.


Names to represent Soul World : Home of eternal light, Home of Peace, Sweet silence home, Paramdhaam (Supreme home), incorporeal world, Nirvaan (beyond sound) and Mul Vatan (the original everlasting residence.

Our Relationship with God

As the Father

Father is the word used for the creator. In Christianity also, God is called - The Father. Actually, he is our father because we get an inheritance of heaven (the golden age) from him. God did not create the souls (us). But he comes and re-creates the heaven on earth. Those who helped him shall also receive this great inheritance.


As a Teacher

Explained that the Godfather creates heaven and gives it to his children who helped and followed his directions. But which direction? So the directions are his teachings. God is called the ocean of knowledge. He comes and imparts the entire knowledge of the creator and the creation to his children. He is also our Supreme Teacher. He gives us his advice on what is the right thing to do so as to receive the highest fruit.


As a Friend

Now as we have every relation with God, we can share anything with him. Made a mistake? Go and accept your mistake. Seek forgiveness. Such a friend who gives the best advice and is there for us anywhere anytime.


As a Guide

This is the last relationship with God. We longed for liberation. After revealing the secrets of Karma, God teaches us the RajaYog through which we the souls are freed from the results of our past actions. God liberates us from all sorrow that we created for ourself. Liberating us like this, he takes us back home.

When does God appear before Us?

It is now understood that our relationship with God, is of Father and Son, of Teacher and Student, of best friends, of a Guru and his follower. But when does this all relationships are enjoyed? Because there should be a time all this God is knowledgeful, the ocean of love, etc, was experienced by all of us.


As discussed on World Drama Cycle page, the world drama repeats. Golden Age comes after Iron age. This is depicted as the Transformation time. This small time is known as Confluence Age (Sangam). Hence something major has to happen now. In this time only God has to appear to perform the role of 'creator of new world'. God needs a medium, a body to speak his knowledge. He comes and adopts us through the corporeal medium of Brahma. Brahma is the first human soul. God plays his role as the Creator through Brahma. So only in this time given of about 100 years does God appears to impart us the knowledge of truth and give us the inheritance of New world (heaven). To give you good news, it was around 1936 when this incognito part of God began. By now, the message is widely spread. And by the end, everyone would get the message.


One may observe that all the major events happened in this last 100 years only (Science, atomic power, new researches, rise of human talents and fame). This is because God the source is himself here now. God fulfils wishes of his children before it is time to go.

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