The Tree of Life

The life cycle of the genealogical tree of humanity can be compared to that of a tree in nature. The seed of this tree is God, the Supreme Soul. From this seed emerges the trunk, which symbolizes the earliest period in the cycle of time, when all of mankind shares one culture, language and system of governance. The people of that time are naturally righteous, virtuous and free of all vices. They know no sorrow or want, and lead happy, content lives, in harmony with the elements of nature, which are in their pristine state and provide all their needs, never causing any discomfort. Those humans are remembered and worshipped today as deities, but few understand that those beings are part of the shared history of humanity, and not mythical figures.


As the tree grows, more leaves, in the form of human souls, appear on it and the human population increases. And, just as a tree loses its freshness and vigour with age, the souls are gradually depleted of their original virtues of purity, peace and truth as they lose touch with their original identity. They now identify themselves with their physical bodies and are engrossed in the physical world around them.
The influence of the body gives rise to vices and the souls begin to experience unease, anger, fear etc. Unrighteous actions begin, bringing sorrow. The souls start to search for answers to nagging questions about the self and their purpose in life. They yearn for lasting peace and love. At this time, prophet souls make their appearance one by one, bringing with them messages of hope and a return to righteous living. Their teachings give rise to major religions that grow as branches from the trunk of the tree. These branches bring forth new leaves as these religions grow. They also put out smaller branches and twigs in the form of cults and sects. Souls take to different paths and beliefs in their search for truth, and the human family, by now vastly expanded, gets divided by religion, race, culture, language and territory. As time passes, the souls of the different branches forget the essence and the universal aspects of their religions, focusing instead on dogma and rituals. This gives rise to mutual hostility and conflicts.

The deteriorating condition of human souls is accompanied by increasing disease, natural calamities and untimely death.
Human souls thus reach a pitiable state, ignorant of their true identity, bereft of their virtues and powers, gripped by vices and racked by sorrow. The tree is fully decayed, left with almost no life. It is at this time that the seed, the Supreme Soul, manifests Himself to rejuvenate it. Souls that connect to the seed once again draw strength from it, regaining their original qualities, and form the new sapling from which the tree of humanity will grow once again.

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