Raja yoga 

The basic teachings of the BrahmaKumaris are imparted through the foundation course that covers fundamental aspects of spiritual knowledge in separate lessons. After each lesson, please devote some time to reflecting on what you have read before proceeding to the next lesson. The lessons are to be read in the given order to get the right perspective.

Godly Knowledge of the Creation and the Creator 

  1. Who am I ? The Soul
  2. About God - The Supreme Soul
  3. 3 Worlds
  4. World Drama Cycle
  5. The Law of Karma
  6. The Tree of Religions
  7. RajYoga Meditation

Chapter 1

Aim of 7 Days RajYog course is :
  •     consciousness and self-realisation
  •    connection and relationship with God
  •    the law of karma
  •    the cycle of time
  •    three worlds
  •    the Tree of Life
  •    Rajyoga meditation
  •    four subjects
  •    a spiritual lifestyle

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